The Elcometer 138 Bresle Kits include the Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter. This lightweight portable meter measures the conductivity of the test sample using a single drop, then automatically converts this to show the density of salts, negating the need for the user to do a manual calculation when working in accordance with ISO 8502-6 or ISO 8502-9.

If the coating is applied to a contaminated surface, which is not properly prepared, it could fail prematurely resulting in costly re-coating and high maintenance costs.

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The Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Kit is essential in measuring the level of contaminants on a surface is measured prior to the application of the coating to ensure the quality of the coating and that its optimum lifetime is achieved.


Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Kit with Elcometer 138 Conductivity Meter and Elcometer 135B Bresle Patches

Measurement Range:

E138-1, E138-1C: ISO Mode: 0 – 2399μg/cm² IMO Mode : 0 – 2199μg/cm²
E138-1-CM, E138-1C-CM: 0 – 19.99mS/cm


±2% full scale (for each range)*

Packing List:

Box of 25 Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patches (E138-1C) or Elcometer 135B Bresle Patches (E138-1), Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter (E138-1C or E138-1) or Elcometer 138 Conductivity Meter (E138-1-CM or E138-1C-CM) & Sensor, 250ml (8.45fl oz) bottle of standard 84μS/cm calibration solution with certificate, 14ml (0.47fl oz) bottle of conditioning solution, 250ml (8.5fl oz) bottle of pure water, 3 x 5ml (0.17fl oz) syringes, 3 x blunt needles, 30ml (1fl oz) plastic beaker, 2 x CR2032 batteries (supplied fitted to the Elcometer 138), transit case and user guide


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