The Mini General Valve ensures precise abrasive metering for an even, regulated flow. With its long life rubber liner it’s highly durable, incredibly fast and easy to service – reducing downtime. Suitable for all media types, the design prevents the valve body from coming into contact with the abrasive stream as the abrasive stream only touches the elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner, which may be quickly replaced when worn.

Also featuring a built in media flow indicator, Mini General Valves allow the operator to adjust the media flow when in use, ensuring precise abrasive metering for an even, regulated flow.

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  • Media flow indicator and rubber liner wear indicator
  • Tested to a maximum working pressure of 15bar (217psi)
  • Precision abrasive control to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Safely adjust media flow when in use to save time
  • Complete with elcoTOUGH™ rubber liner that can be quickly replaced without disconnecting the valve
  • 100% abrasive shut off – reducing wastage
  • Replace the elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner with just 2 bolts
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