The RCV4000+ Remote Control Valve incorporates two valves in one unit, the lower unit controls the compressed air inlet and the upper unit controls the exhaust outlet as air exits the abrasive blast machine.

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A constant flow of compressed air is supplied to the unit at the lower 38mm (11/2“) port ‘air inlet’. The air is then released through the 38mm (11/2“) ‘air outlet’ to the blast machine and blast hose. This is controlled via a pneumatic deadman’s handle which is connected to the 6mm (1/2“) inlet and outlet on the side of the valve. The deadman’s handle is connected to the unit via two airline hoses (known as twinline).

Closing the deadman’s handle lever activates the two valves simultaneously. Releasing the deadman’s handle deactivates the RCV4000+ immediately. The abrasive blast machine can also be depressurised by opening the red safety petcock on the RCV4000 valve body. This acts like an emergency stop for the system.

The Elcometer RCV4000+ comes with an integrated air manifold with multiple air outlets, allowing you to attach ancillary equipment, such as pressure gauges to monitor your compressed air pressure, ball vibration units to fluidise the media flow and air supply for your breathe air filter and pressure relief valve.

Available in 3 versions 3/4” (19mm) for use with the Elcometer 1020 Blast Machine, 11/2” (38mm) for use with larger Elcometer blast machines and the 11/4” (32mm) for use with other blast machines.


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To find out how Elcometer’s state-of-the-art RCV4000 and RCV4000+ Remote Control Valves allow you to safely control the blast machine at the nozzle.

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