Case Study: Wire De-scaler Shot Blasting System – Contino, Italy 🇮🇹

Pangborn Italy continue to provide unbeatable quality, service and solutions with an installation for Marcegaglia, a world leader in the transformation of steel.

In 2019 Pangborn was approached by Marcegaglia, located in Contino, Italy to engineer, supply and install a shot blasting plant for metal wire.

The new plant was to be developed for the Marcegaglia Specialties plant, which is one of the 28 currently in Marcegaglia group, dedicated to the manufacturing and production of carbon and stainless steel drawn bars.

Drawn bars are most commonly used within the automobile and industrial vehicle sectors, including; lifting equipment and earthmoving machinery.


The Pangborn Solution

The current shot blasting machine Marcegaglia had needed to be replaced with a much more powerful, flexible and efficient one. Capable of producing exceptional performance in terms of final cleaning of the bars, increased efficiency and repeatability of results and production capacity.

The purpose of a shot blast machine that’s installed in-line in a coil-to-bar plant, is to descale the metal wire, before the following drawing phase.


The Engineering Phase

Pangborn worked hand-in-hand with Marcegaglia’s customer project manager, ing. Andrea Ceresetti throughout numerous technical meetings to fully understand the engineering activities with the objective of defining the layout, and customizing the system according to the exact and specific customer requirements.

Additionally, to the requirement of guaranteed performance, planning had to be given to the new system being versatile and having the ability to cater for various conditions of use.

The project developed at a rapid pace, which was made possible by the collaboration between the technical offices of Pangborn Italy (Milan) and Pangborn Germany (Hagen), with the added benefit of the vast experience held by Pangborn Germany (Hagen).

Following completion of the engineering phase, the new metal wire shot blasting plant for Marcegaglia was constructed in Pangborn Italy, and successfully installed at Marcegaglia, located in Contino, Italy in January 2020.


Installation and Technical Specifications

The plant consists of two continuous shot blasting modules that have been designed with

independent abrasive circulation systems. Each of the modules are equipped with six latest generation Pangborn ‘Genesis’ turbines, coupled to 45 kW electric motors.

Each of the turbines is controlled by an inverter, with the ability to adjust the rotation speed of the turbine and therefore the output speed of the abrasive, while the flow rate can be adjusted by means of special magnetic valves.

The ability to adjust the abrasive speed and the flow rate at the same time is of paramount importance, in order to maintain the point of use of the turbine, on the maximum efficiency curve. In addition, problems of under- or over-blasting, excessive abrasive consumption and excessive wear of components can be avoided.


Computerized Technology and Product Recipes

The entire system is managed via an electrical panel designed with an operator panel with touch screen and PCL. Where the data that is dedicated to each product are programmed in and stored. As per all data of the product recipes, all flow parameters and speed are automatically and individually adjusted for each of the turbines.

As well as each of the two modules both having the ability to be switched off or kept operating, as and when required.


Review: A Year On…

The installation of the new metal descaling plant for Marcegaglia in Italy has been successfully operating for over a year.

Providing increased efficiency and productivity, due to being able to produce consistent quality of output in demanding conditions over three shifts, in addition to minimized downtime previously caused by maintenance interventions.

All heavy duty components of the Pangborn shot blasting system have been maintained, since installation in 2019.

The internal lining of the shot blasting chamber alongside other components that are subject to general wear and tear, are manufactured from special anti-wear P41 cast iron, which is produced in Pangorn’s own foundry.

Ing Ceresetti of Marcegaglia stated;


 “The quality of the supply in line with the highest market standards and the possibility of customization have allowed to meet and maintain the high performance demanded”.


In Summary

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