Pangborn-Centriblast design, manufacture, supply and install a wide range of Automatic Blast Machines designed for heavy-duty, commercial applications. We offer three types of Automatic Machines; Wheel Blast, Air Blast and Speciality Blast Machines. We also offer a full range of batch and conveyor blasting solutions to fit into your manufacturing line seamlessly.

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Centriblast Concrete Slab and Kerb Etching System

Centriblast GN Barrel Blast Machines

Centriblast Diabolo Roller Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Horizontal Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Vertical Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Hook Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Rotoblast Tables

Centriblast Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machines (Continuous Flow)

Centriblast Overhead Conveyor Blast Machines

Centriblast Heavy Duty GN Barrel Blast Machines (Metal Belt)

Centriblast Compressed Air Blast Rooms

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