Automatic Shot Blasting Solution: for Non-Stick Coatings Specialists 🇬🇧

Bespoke and unique automatic shot blasting solution provided for manufacturing and coating applicator based in Europe with factories in the UK, Europe, and Asia

Pangborn specialise in providing problem-solving solutions, which enable customers to have an increased output, focussed on cost-efficiency and low energy.

Our UK, Europe and USA divisions provide an extensive range of automatic blast cleaning systems, as well as having the ability to provide completely bespoke solutions.

Our industry leading design and engineering team are first-in-class when it comes to problem solving solutions. Another example of our world-leading aptitude is a solution that was designed from the ground up to solve a very specific need a specialist manufacturer of non-stick coatings needed to improve.


Non-Stick Coatings Specialist: Case Study

Our customer featured in this case study, is a manufacturer of an extensive range of coating systems to a wide verity of industries and sectors, including; food production, baking, pharmaceutical, medical and automotive manufacturing, to name just a few.

The company needed to solve inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their current manual system, in place to key and clean non-stick baking moulds – prior to re-coating them with Teflon. Another aspect that also had to be addressed was efficiency, the company where also keen to increase their turnaround for customers and their own competitive advantage.


The Pangborn Solution; 3GN Barrel Blast Machine Automatic Shot Blast System

Pangborn worked closely with this manufacturer to understand their exact requirements and provide the most ideal solution. Pangborn provided a complete installation of an in-house automatic blast system – the Pangborn 3GN Barrel Blast machine which replaced the manual system that was previously in place.

This solution not only solved the bottleneck and inefficiency issue associated with the previous manual system. Our in-house automatic blast system also saved on labour, reduced costs and increased the companies turnaround.


The installation of the fully automatic Pangborn 3GN Barrel Blast machine

provided full return on investment in less than nine months.


Automatic Shot Blasting System

The experts that Pangborn are in design, engineering and fabrication not only helped the company meet their initial objectives of reducing inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their current manual system, we also helped the company achieve the following objectives;

  • 97% annual reduction in operational costs for non-stick baking mould blasting
  • Increased quality and a fully consistent and reproduceable process
  • Increased through-put and capacity
  • Reduced man-hours and labour costs
  • savings of €8,000.00 per year by eliminating blast jigs

Pangborn are more than just another supplier; we are a trusted partner and brand to many other global and leading brands and manufacturers.

Pangborn GN Machines – Typical Layout


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Pangborn UK division, part of the global Pangborn Group specialise in superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Available to customers locally, nationally and internationally.

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