Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shot Blast System 🇬🇧

Pangborn UK division, part of the global Pangborn group specialise in providing superior shot blasting equipment, abrasives and surface preparation solutions.

We provide a wide range of problem-solving and time-saving solutions to a wide range of sectors and industries locally, nationally and internationally.

Pangborn continue to lead the global shot blasting industry through innovative technologies and high-performing shot blast equipment with solutions that are safe, reliable, durable, and easy to operate and maintain.


Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shot Blast System

We’re pleased to announce another happy longstanding and returning Pangborn customer. A UK power-house manufacturer with extensive manufacturing facilities based in the West Midlands, leaders in their industry since 1987 as one of the UK’s leading sprinkler pipework fabricators.

Recently our customer has upgraded their shot blasting system to the much more efficient, cost-saving and reliable – Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shotblast System. This is the third Pangborn shot blast machine our customer has purchased throughout the years, fully supported with the continuation of the Pangborn Service Maintenance Plan.


Technical Details

The Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shot Blast System has a processing range of 1100mm wide x 686mm high. The machine is designed to clean the following range of components;

Maximum plate width 1000mm
Maximum plate thickness 60mm
Minimum plate thickness 4mm
Maximum section size 686mm x 254mm U.B.
Maximum hollow section 350mm x 350mm
Maximum pipe diameter 600mm

This type of Conveyor Shotblast System is Powered by 4x 11kw Acu-Strike® blast wheels, throughout speeds of 0.5m p/min – 3.5m p/min. This system can be operated as part of an automated, in-line system or as a standalone system


Delivery and Installation Process

Pangborn manufacture, supply, deliver, remove your old system and install your new one. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service, globally renowned quality and cost-saving efficiency, delivered with each and every system. Shown in the below gallery is the delivery, installation and setup of the Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shot Blast System.


Initial Installation 

Completed Installation

Setup & Testing 


Pangborn Roller Conveyor Blast Cleaning Systems

Pangborn manufactures and supplies a full range of roller conveyor blast cleaning systems, ranging from small batch systems to fully automated steel processing lines. Whatever the required shot blast system, Pangborn is guaranteed to have the exact solution!


Pangborn Service Plan and Training

All shot blast systems we manufacture and supply are fully installed by professional Pangborn service technicians. Making sure your state-of-art shot blast machinery is installed correctly and running efficiently.

We also offer fully supported service plans, to ensure your business is kept running as it should – without interruption, 24hr breakdown response is also available. Service plans can be tailored to your individual requirements and budget.

‘Centuries of superior quality, service and support are at the forefront of all Pangborn systems and machinery’.


Arrange a Consultation

If you’d like more details on the Pangborn 4D 1100/686 V Roller Conveyor Shotblast System, or any other Pangborn system or product. Contact Pangborn UK division to arrange a consultation, email us at: or contact us on – 01352 712412.




Pangborn UK division, part of the global Pangborn Group specialise in superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Available to customers locally, nationally and internationally.

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