Automatic Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers: Pangborn

Pangborn UK division are part of the globally renowned and recognised Pangborn Group, we specialise in Automatic Shot Blasting solutions, designed from the ground up. 

Pangborn UK division have been established since 1974, our larger global counterparts, Pangborn Group have been operational worldwide since 1904. For well over a century Pangborn have been leaders in shot blast technologies, systems and solutions.

Ranging from; shot blast equipment and machinery, wheel blasting, peening equipment, abrasives and related accessories.


Automatic Shot Blasting Systems

Automatic shot blasting solutions are by far our most extensive product range also largest by size and specification.

Our automatic shot blast systems are utilized by many varying types of industries, including; automotive and heavy haulage, heavy plant sectors, defence, oil and gas, shipbuilding and offshore, rail, foundry and forge.

Automatic shot blast systems manufactured, supplied and personally installed by Pangborn UK include;


Hook Blast Cleaning Machines


Belt Conveyor Machines
Belt Conveyor Machines are special purpose built machines designed for the etching of concrete paving slabs, block paving and kerb stones. This is a popular Pangborn UK product within stonemasons, merchants, construction and building sectors.


Diabolo Roller Cleaning MachinesHook Blast Cleaning Machines
Diabolo Roller Cleaning Machines are low energy and low cost. Pangborn UK manufactures and supplies standard diabolo roller conveyor machines for gas bottles, pipes and bar blast cleaning machines with one or two wheel units. Suitable for HPG gas bottle refurbishment or as part of the manufacturing process, can also be utilised for blast cleaning or shot peening.


Hook Blast Cleaning MachinesHook Blast Cleaning Machines
Hook Blast Cleaning Machines are also low power consumption, we manufacture and supply both swing hook and index hanger blast cleaning machines with two wheel to six wheel units. Suitable for small, medium and large foundries, fabrication companies or contract blasters.



Horizontal Blast Cleaning Machines
Horizontal Blast Cleaning Machines we manufacture and supply, include a wide range of machines specifically designed for horizontal section, profile, pipe and plate cleaning. The machines are fitted with four, six or eight wheel units, depending on the size and intended application.



Vertical Blast Cleaning MachinesVertical Blast Cleaning Machines
Pangborn UK provides a wide range of low energy, standard vertical blast cleaning systems with four or six wheel units specifically designed for vertical section, profile, pipe and occasional plate cleaning.



Rotoblast Barrels Automatic Shot Blasting Machine - RotoBlast Barrells
Pangborn Rotoblast® Barrels provide a cost-effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, de-coring and de-flashing as well as peening a wide variety of products. Uniquely designed and built as fully integrated blast cleaning systems, eliminating the need for separate dust collection systems.



Rotoblast Tables Automatic Shot Blasting Machine - Rotoblast Table
Superior design, quality and rugged construction make the Pangborn Rotoblast® tables more reliable and less costly to maintain than other competitor equivalent  machinery. The Pangborn Rotoblast® tables are specifically designed for thorough cleaning of all types of castings, forgings, weldments, heat-treated parts and stampings.


Bogie Table RoomsAutomatic Shot Blasting Machine
Pangborn Bogie Table Rooms are blast cleaning machines with three or four wheel units. They are suitable for blast cleaning of large fabrication, forgings and castings.




Compressed Air Blast RoomsAutomatic Shot Blasting Machine
Pangborn also manufactures and supplies another popular type of automatic shot blast solution. Our Compressed Air Blast Rooms offer a full range of purpose built stationary, complete with self contained, compressed air blast rooms. Available with a selection of different recovery systems, which enable the rooms to be tailored to suit your businesses exact requirements.


Training and Aftermarket Support

Pangborn personally installs all automatic shot blasting machinery, our team of professional Pangborn service technicians make sure your state-of-art shot blast machinery, is installed correctly and running efficiently.

We also provide full training to your workforce on how to safely and efficiently use your new machinery. Ensuring there is full understanding on how to use your new state-of-the-art automatic shot blast system – to it’s full operational potential and efficiency.

In addition, Pangborn also offers fully supported service plans. Ensuring your business is kept running as it should – without interruption, 24hr breakdown response is also available. Service plans can be tailored to your individual requirements and budget.


Arrange a Consultation

If you’d like more details on any of the automatic shot blasting solutions manufactured and supplied by Pangborn. Get in touch to arrange a consultation, email us at: or contact us on – 01352 712412.


Pangborn UK division, part of the global Pangborn Group specialise in superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Available to customers locally, nationally and internationally.

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