Pangborn: Manual Shot Blasting Equipment

As UK and international experts in all that is shot blasting and surface preparation, Pangborn specialise in a specific range of manual shot blasting equipment.

When it comes to manual shot blasting, or any type of shot blasting there is only one name you can count on and rely on, that is Pangborn.

We’ve been serving the global needs of the shot blasting sectors across all industries for over a century. Our global group has been established in 1904 and leaders in our field since.


Manual Shot Blasting Equipment

Pangborn provide various manual shot blasting products including; blast pots, hoses, blast pot spares, nozzles and PPE.

Many of the manual shot blast solutions we provide are conveniently bundled into all-you-need type packages, making sure you have everything required to get the job done by hand! We also continually stock and supply all required spare parts and abrasives you may also need as time goes on.


Blast Pots manual shot blasting pots
Our manual blast pots are a popular and super-convenient option for getting the job done manually. Pangborn manufacture as well as supply all premium blast pots shown within our website.  Designed with robust fabrication that’s built to last, combining high standards of manufacturing, materials and unrivalled component quality alongside; efficient, ergonomic design.


Blast Pot Hoses manual shot blasting hoses
Pangborn supply a full range of blast pot hoses ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch internal diameter.




Blast Pot Spares manual shot blasting spares
As manufacturers of the products we supply, and stockists – there’s never a time you’ll be stuck looking or waiting for that vital spare part you may suddenly need. All our manual blast pots come with the superior Pangborn guarantee, designed to last and handle the job at hand with ease.



Blast Pot Nozzles manual shot blasting nozzles
We also stock and supply premium Pangborn blast pot nozzles, manufactured, designed and fabricated using only premium quality materials and state-of-the-art fabrication. As long as your new blast pot is being used as designed and intended, we guarantee a reliable, long lifespan.



PPEmanual shot blasting PPE
Pangborn offer a full range of protective equipment to keep you and your employees safe while you work. PPE we provide is often included in the blast pot packages, as shown on our website.

We also supply PPE as stand-alone products, which include over 90 specialised products specific to shot blasting and surface preparation. These include;

  • Helmets and helmet accessories
  • Blast suits
  • Gloves
  • Breathing filters
  • Dead mans handles
  • Health and safety signage



More Details

If you’d like more details on Manual Shot Blasting equipment manufactured and supplied by Pangborn,  contact us on – 01352 712 412 or email us at: We actively aim to respond to all online enquiries within the same business day.



manual shot blasting equipment

Pangborn UK division, part of the global Pangborn Group specialise in superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Available to customers locally, nationally and internationally.

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