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Hood Side Wear Tile – Drive Side R/H: XSES26FD

Hood Lid Wear Tile: XSES21F-C

Reversible Super Wheel: XSESR1T-L

Clamp Ring For SES8CC Seal XSES8CB

Housing Retention Plate – XSES4A

Cast Hub Seal Plate – XSES8A

Hub Seal Felt/Rubber (Small Bore) – XSES8C1

Hood Lid Curved Wear Tile – XMF5

Hood End Wear Plate – XMF6

Upper Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF7

Lower Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF9A L/H

Lower Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF9A R/H

Feed Chute – XSES3

Quad Valve Assembly – XSES4ASS

Feed Cast Hopper – XSES5

Hub Seal Felt / Rubber (Large Bore) – XSES8C2

R-LOC Top Liner – A1936

R-LOC Rear Side Liner – A1940-B

R-LOC End Liner – A1937

R-LOC Vanes (Set of 8) – 6000025-8

R-LOC Impellor – 6010000

R-LOC Vane Spring – M0651

R-LOC Rubber Lid Liner – M2046

R-Loc Felt Seal – S040146

R-LOC Taper Lock Bush 42mm – S080114-2

R-LOC Case Adaptor – A0301

R-LOC Feed Spout – A-0303

R-LOC Spout Seal – C60152

R-LOC ‘O’ Ring – C60153

R-LOC Outer Runnerhead – H010109

R-LOC Inner Case Adaptor – P000890

Deflector – 6-750027

Vanes – 6-900012

Runnerhead Inner – 36-620465

Vanes 6-900011

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