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Filter Cartridges XPU7

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Oil Filters

Fuel Filters

Air Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Tube Style Filters

Synthetic Media

Quick Lock Cap

Pleated Panel Filters

Filter Sleeves And Bags

Multi-Pocket Bags

Top Loading Pleated Bag Filter Cartridge

Bottom Loading Pleated Bag Filter

Screw Top Cartridge Filter

Flo Top Cartridge Filter

Two Stud Top Cartridge Filter

Cell Panel Cartridge Filter

Twist Cartridge Filter

Square Top Cartridge Filter

Lug Style Cartridge Filter

Flange Top Cartridge Filter

DIN Cylindrical Cartridge Filter

Hood Side Wear Tile – Drive Side R/H: XSES26FD

Hood End Wear Tile: XSES22F-C

Hood Lid Wear Tile: XSES21F-C

M12 Tile Bolt c/w Nut & Washer Bolt0233ST

Feed Chute Seal: XSES9

Reversible Super Wheel: XSESR1T-L

T/L Bush to Suit SESR1T/L Wheel (38, 42 or 48mm) XB2525/38/42/48

Reversible Wheel Dispenser XSESR3-C

M16 Dispenser Bolt c/w Washer Bolt0375

M12 Dispenser Bolt c/w Washer Bolt0350

Rubber Hub Seal: XSES8C

Clamp Ring For SES8CC Seal XSES8CB

M16 Motor Mounting Studs c/w Nut & Washers ENGSTUD16

M12 Hood Mounting Studs c/w Nut & Washers ENGSTUD12

Pilot Bored Wheel (bored to suit motor shaft) – XSESR1PB

Housing Retention Plate – XSES4A

Cast Hub Seal Plate – XSES8A

Hub Seal Felt/Rubber (Small Bore) – XSES8C1

Hood Lid Curved Wear Tile – XMF5

Hood End Wear Plate – XMF6

Upper Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF7

Lower Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF9A L/H

Lower Hood Side Wear Plate – XMF9A R/H

Feed Chute – XSES3

Quad Valve Assembly – XSES4ASS

Feed Cast Hopper – XSES5

Hub Seal Felt / Rubber (Large Bore) – XSES8C2

R-LOC Top Liner – A1936

R-LOC Front Side Liner – A1939

R-LOC Rear Side Liner – A1940-B

R-LOC End Liner – A1937

R-LOC Vanes (Set of 8) – 6000025-8

R-LOC Impellor – 6010000

R-LOC Vane Spring – M0651

R-LOC Rubber Lid Liner – M2046

R-Loc Felt Seal – S040146

R-LOC Taper Lock Bush 42mm – S080114-2

R-LOC Case Adaptor – A0301

R-LOC Feed Spout – A-0303

R-LOC Spout Seal – C60152

R-LOC ‘O’ Ring – C60153

R-LOC Outer Runnerhead – H010109

R-LOC Inner Case Adaptor – P000890

Deflector – 6-750027

Vanes – 6-900012

Runnerhead Outer – 26-750025

Runnerhead Inner – 36-620465

Vanes 6-900011

Vane Spring – RAP-4

‘O’ Ring – S-900658-2

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