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The Pangborn 24200 Abrasive Blast Machine is ideal for continuous high production blasting as its large capacity reduces down time refilling the hopper.

  • Ideal for high volume work, easy to fill with large capacity
  • Choice of static abrasive blast pot or twin wheeled portable abrasive blast pot that is safe and easy to manoeuvre
  • Available with a range of abrasive media valves to suit your application
  • Heavy duty 6mm (¼”) construction
  • Easy and quick to service

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Enhance Your Performance

The Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine is engineered to work harder, last longer and be faster to maintain. For more information on the efficiency of the Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine and how to maximise your up time.

Safe & Reliable

Rugged, reliable and easy to use, the Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine & Valves are supplied with a full 12 month warranty and are engineered & tested to be incredibly efficient, durable and safe. For more information on the Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machines’ safety features.

Expertly Engineered

The Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine is manufactured to an industry leading specification and designed and engineered by experts. For more information about the high quality components of the Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine, including the high flow pipework, precision metering valves and hardwearing mixer T’s.

Kit Type:

Kit 1 – General Valve, Kit 1 – Automatic Valve, Kit 2 – General Valve, Kit 2 – Automatic Valve




Elcometer 24200 Abrasive Blast Machine – 12bar (174psi)
Volume 200 Litres 7.06cu ft
Garnet Grit 468kg 1031lbs
Steel Shot 880kg 1942lbs
Pot Diameter: 610mm 24″
Height: 1380mm 54″
Width: 794mm 31″
Depth: 1109mm 44″
Weight: 205kg 452lbs
Pipework Diameter: 38mm 112
Maximum Working Pressure (WP)2: 12bar 174psi
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 60oC 32 to 140oF

24200 Diagram

Spare Parts

Elcometer 1020 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine Spare Parts

Item Part Number Description
1 MT28622 Pop Up Valve
2 MT28631-1 25mm (1″) Pop Up Shaft for Elcometer 1020
3 MT29661 25mm (1″) Female 90° Equal Elbow
4 MT29663 38mm (11/2“) Hex Nipple
5 MT28617 Moisture Separator Assembly
6 MT29662 38mm (11/2“) Male/Male Union Taper Seat
7 MT29664 6mm (1/4“) Bulkhead Connector (x3)
8 MT29665 Elcometer 1020 Twin Airline Hose Assembly (Yellow & Green)
9 MT29666 Airline Assembly for Elcometer 1020 (Red)
10 MT28627-5 Pop Up Valve O-Ring (x5)
11 MT29601 Protective Edging Strip Kit 2.7m (8.9ft)
12 MT29667 Spring Cotter Pin Type E (x3)
13 MT29668 Short Deflector Plate Spacer – 9mm (0.3″) (x3)
14 MT29669 Long Deflector Plate Spacer -18mm (3/4“) (x3)
15 MT29670 Deflector Plate
16 MT28629-1 Deflector Plate Shaft – 33mm (1.3″) (x3)
17 MT29672 25mm (1″) Backnut (Recessed)
18 MT29673 25mm (1″) Female/Female Union Taper Seat
19 MT29679 25mm (1″) Hex Nipple
20 MT29680 25mm (1″) Exhaust T Assembly (complete with MT29681 Exhaust Plug)
21 MT29681 25mm (1″) Exhaust Plug
22 MT29682 25mm (1″) Pipe for Elcometer 1020 (98mm) (3.9″)
23 MT29683 25mm (1″) Socket
24 MT29685 25 x 19mm (1″ x 3/4” ) Reducing Bush
25 MT29684 19mm (3/4“) Male/Female Equal Union Taper Seat
26 MT29686 19mm (3/4“) Pipe for Elcometer 1020 (92mm)
27 MT29687 19mm (3/4“) Male/Female 90° Elbow
28 MT28599 19mm (3/4“) Reinforced Union Elbow
29 MT29688 3/4” (19mm) Hex Nipple
30 MT29465 Elcometer RCV4000+ Remote Control Valve
31 MT29656 Petcock Valve Assembly – (Red Handle)
32 MT28595 38 x 19mm (1 1/2” x 3/4“) Reducing Bush
33 MT29689 19mm (3/4“) Equal Pitcher T
34 MT30095 19mm (3/4“) Choke Valve Handle
35 MT28610 19mm (3/4“) Choke Valve Assembly (includes MT30095 Choke Valve Handle)
36 MT29691 19mm (3/4“) 60° Cone Male/Male Adaptor
37 MT29658 19mm (3/4“) Ball Valve Assembly – (Black Handle)
38 MT29660 19mm (3/4“) Airline Ball Valve Assembly (Black Handle)
39 MT28597 Exhaust Silencer Assembly
40 MT29692-1 Protection Guard for Elcometer 1020
41 MT29693 Elcometer Inspection Hatch Door for Elcometer 1020
42 MT28613 ElcoFit™ Door Sealing Gasket
43 MT29695 Elcometer Inspection Door Hatch Bolt – M16 x 110mm
44 MT28615 Inspection Hatch Door Yoke
45 MT29696 M16 Hexagon Flanged Nut
46 MT28635 Ø200mm (7.9″) Diameter Wheel (x1)
47 MT29697 Flat Washer (x8)
48 MT29698 Split Cotter Pin (x4)
MT29490-1 Elcometer RCV4000+ & Pipework Assembly Service Kit (contains items in orange)
MT29180 Elcometer Safety Label Kit

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