Cast Steel angular grit is produced by crushing specifically heat treated shot pellets. It’s behaviour characteristics in service are dependent upon the hardness selection of GC, GB, GAA or GA grit.

Meets SAE, SFSA and MIL specifications.

NOTE: sold in 25kg bags. Minimum order 1 Tonne. POA.

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GC Steel Grit

  • Angular when new, this grit rapidly rounds off in use and is particularly suited to descaling applications.

GB Steel Grit

  • Although harder than GC Steel Grit, GB also loses its sharp edges during shotblasting and is suited to descaling and surface preparation applications.

GAA Steel Grit

  • Remains angular longer than GB, but has longer life than GA. Ideal in surface preparation for etching and descaling. Used in wheel and compressed air equipment.

GA Steel Grit

  • Having maximum hardness, GA always remains angular in its operating mix. This steel grit shatters readily yet has a fast, effective, etching action, making it ideal for deep descaling and etched surface requirements. For use mainly with wheel and compressed air equipment.
Weight 25 kg
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25kg Bags

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