The Pangborn Heavy Duty GN Barrel Blast Machines (Metal Belt) is exclusively designed to thoroughly clean all types of castings, forgings, weldments, heat-treated work, and stampings. Our barrel blast machines are designed to process a variety of work pieces that can be tumbled, and the endless conveyor belt and lateral round place creates a trough in which work pieces are treated.

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Pangborn Heavy Duty GN Barrel Blast Machines (Metal Belt) tumbling action, provided by the endless rubber or metal internal conveyor, ensures all surfaces of the work piece are cleaned in one loading.

Highly configurable, these machines can be delivered with a rubber or metal conveyor, vibratory conveyor, magnetic separator, hydraulic loader, unloading conveyor, and dust collector.

The loading and unloading process is specifically geared to the work piece and workspace requirements. The optimum adjustment of the blast capacity is specified to the required blasting result. The tumbling action provided by the rubber or metal conveyor ensures that all surfaces of the work piece are cleaned in a single batch.

Pangborn offers a variety of barrel sizes depending on the size of the work pieces being blasted. Most often, larger machines are used for high output cleaning on medium sized castings, forgings, or fabricated work pieces. Barrel Blast Machines allow for a high volume of work pieces to be processed in a small working area.


Finishing Process & Applications

  • Ideal for processes including deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing, and peening
  • When throughput requirements dictate batch processing
  •  Small- to medium-sized castings, fabrications, and heat-treated work pieces
  • Shot peening small springs in batch capacities
  • Lower value work pieces where part-on-part impingement is not an issue



  • T280 – T1500
  • GN
  • M650GW, M850GW, M1000GW, M1300GW, M1500GW


General Features and Benefits

  • P-41 Alloy and Steel Construction for:
  • Enhanced durability
  • Machine longevity


Genesis Wheel Technology:

  • Better abrasive control and improved flow boosts machine performance and productivity
  • Enhanced durability and longevity
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High/Low/Variable speed options for flexibility and precision


High Efficiency Separator:

  • Consistent blast quality and abrasive flow for a better finished product and more efficient operations
  • Optimized contaminant removal
  • Paint savings
  • Better abrasive life for cost savings


Electronics Package:

  • Multiple package options to meet your needs (Basic, PLC/Touch Screen, PC based)
  • Remote connectivity for easier and more efficient troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Back office integration and data collections for improved operations


Machine Specific Features:

  • Barrel load capacity range from 1.25 ft3 to 72 ft3 (0.035 m3 to 2.04 m3)
  • Multiple loader options (hydraulic, cable, or soft loading)
  • Vertical work discharge eliminates “knife edges” discharge plates and work jamming between mill and door


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