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Filter Cartridges XPU7

Threaded Cartridge Filter

Centriblast 27″ PVC Cabinet Gloves

Centriblast Cape For Nova 2000 Helmet

Centriblast Nylon / Cotton Blast Suit

Centriblast Cotton / Leather Blast Suit

Centriblast 14″ Leather Gloves

Oval Cartridge Filter

Level Indicator



Oil Filters

Fuel Filters

Air Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Tube Style Filters

Synthetic Media

Quick Lock Cap

Pleated Panel Filters

Filter Sleeves And Bags

Multi-Pocket Bags

Top Loading Pleated Bag Filter Cartridge

Bottom Loading Pleated Bag Filter

Screw Top Cartridge Filter

Flo Top Cartridge Filter

Two Stud Top Cartridge Filter

Cell Panel Cartridge Filter

Twist Cartridge Filter

Square Top Cartridge Filter

Lug Style Cartridge Filter

Flange Top Cartridge Filter

DIN Cylindrical Cartridge Filter

Hood Side Wear Tile – Drive Side R/H: XSES26FD

Hood End Wear Tile: XSES22F-C

Hood Lid Wear Tile: XSES21F-C

Centriblast 1440 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 40 litre

Centriblast 20100 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 100 litre

Centriblast 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 200 litre

24285H Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 285 litre

24200H Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 200 litre

20100H Portable Abrasive Blast Machine – 100 litre

300 litre (10.6cu ft) Air Distribution Manifold with 6 outlets

150 litre (5.3cu ft) Air Distribution Manifold with 5 outlets

75 litre (2.6cu ft) Air Distribution Manifold with 5 outlets

Magnetic Sweeper

Silicon Carbide Venturi Nozzles with Acetal Jacket

Tungsten Carbide Venturi Blast Nozzles with Acetal Jacket

Silicon Nitride “Syalon” Syclone Venturi Nozzle

Boron Carbide Venturi Nozzle Aluminium & Rubber

Tungsten Carbide Venturi Blast Nozzles

Tungsten Carbide Water Jet System Nozzles

45° Angled Liner Blast Nozzles

Tungsten Carbide Double Venturi Blast Nozzles – Alu Jacket

Centriblast Concrete Slab and Kerb Etching System

Centriblast GN Barrel Blast Machines

Centriblast Diabolo Roller Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Horizontal Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Vertical Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Hook Blast Cleaning Machines

Centriblast Rotoblast Tables

Centriblast Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machines (Continuous Flow)

Centriblast Overhead Conveyor Blast Machines

Centriblast Heavy Duty GN Barrel Blast Machines (Metal Belt)

Centriblast Compressed Air Blast Rooms

GV & AGV elcoTOUGH™ Rubber Valve Liner

MGV elcoTOUGH™ Rubber Valve Liner

Screen Sieve & Blast Machine Cover Lid

Certified 1/2” (13mm) Pressure Relief Valve

Inspection Door Hatch Bolt – M16 x 110mm (4 1/3”)

M16 Hexagon Flanged Nut

ABM Pot Coupling

Air Supply Ball Valves

Safety Petcock 1/4” (6mm) HP Ball Valve

1 1/2″ (38mm) Moisture Separator

Fine Media Ball Vibration Kit

Danger Blasting in Progress Sign

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